Peripheral Nerve Stimulation: A 7-Day Trial and Permanent Implantation with Nalu Medical's Micro-IPG

Basic overview of steps for patient trial of peripheral nerve stimulator to permanent implantation.

Marco Duran, MD

2/27/20242 min read

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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) is a promising treatment option for individuals suffering from chronic pain. This innovative approach utilizes electrical stimulation to modulate the nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals, providing patients with significant pain relief. Nalu Medical's Micro-IPG implantation system is at the forefront of this technology, offering a comprehensive solution for both temporary and permanent pain management.

7-Day Trial of Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Prior to the permanent implantation of the Micro-IPG, patients undergo a 7-day trial to assess the effectiveness of PNS in managing their pain. This trial period allows patients to experience the benefits of neuromodulation while determining the optimal placement of the electrodes.

During the trial, a small external device is used to deliver electrical pulses to the targeted nerves. This device is connected to temporary electrodes that are strategically placed near the affected area. The stimulation parameters, such as frequency, amplitude, wavelength, and intensity, are adjusted to meet the patient's specific needs and preferences.

Throughout the 7-day trial, patients are encouraged to engage in their regular activities to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment in real-life situations. They are also required to keep a pain diary, documenting their pain levels and any changes they experience during the trial period.

At the end of the trial, patients meet with their healthcare provider to assess the outcomes. If the trial is successful in providing significant pain relief and improving the patient's quality of life, the next step is the permanent implantation of the Micro-IPG.

Permanent Implantation with Nalu Medical's Micro-IPG

The permanent implantation of the Micro-IPG involves a minor surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, the permanent electrodes are placed in identical fashion to the temporary electrodes, which are subsequently connected to the Micro-IPG device.

The Micro-IPG, or micro-implantable pulse generator, is a small device that delivers patient-specific neuromodulation programs. It is designed to provide long-term pain relief by continuously stimulating the targeted nerves.

One of the key advantages of Nalu Medical's Micro-IPG is its external battery system. Unlike traditional implantable devices that require surgical battery replacement, the system's battery can be easily replaced by the patient at home. This eliminates the need for additional surgeries and allows for uninterrupted pain relief.

The external battery is lightweight and discreet, allowing patients to carry it with ease. It is designed to provide power to the Micro-IPG for an extended period, ensuring continuous pain relief without interruption.

After the permanent implantation, patients work closely with their healthcare provider to fine-tune the stimulation parameters and optimize pain management. Regular follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor the device's performance, make any necessary adjustments, and address any concerns or questions that may arise.

In conclusion, the process of peripheral nerve stimulation involves a 7-day trial period to assess its efficacy, followed by the permanent implantation of Nalu Medical's Micro-IPG. This innovative system, combined with the external battery, provides patients with personalized neuromodulation programs for long-term pain relief. With ongoing advancements in PNS technology, individuals suffering from chronic pain have a promising solution to improve their quality of life.